John Hobbs Croquet Mallets


I make croquet mallets to your own requirements. On this site you can learn how they are made, what's good about them and how to decide what sort you would want. You can then order one - and pay for it, by cheque, BACS or use PayPal. I also tell you a bit about myself and how I came to be in this business. If you live locally you can visit me and have a coaching session, as well as buy a mallet!


I don’t make croquet sets and if you want one I suggest you contact the Croquet Association Shop, on    01242 233555  or email  or log on to their web site: Also contact the shop if you want a bag for your mallet, but I have some in stock for visitors.


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The design and build

The benefits, including how to orientate the handle to suit your grip style

How to design your own mallet, what to consider for each part of the mallet

A Specification form (with prices)

How to Order and pay

A bit about John Hobbs

How to find Lewins (the factory!)

Some Pictures of mallets - to show sizes and features

Mallet heads made from a wide range of woods (educational really!)

Some options and innovations - (holes to improve stability)

Some used heads and handles



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Phone:  01892 852072      From outside UK:  +44 1892 852072


Lewins, Mayfield Road, Rotherfield, E. Sussex, TN6 3LS, England                                                        



Buy yourself a good mallet - improve your game

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I'm afraid I have given  up making mallets, but I will carry out any repairs.


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